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About InvestMentor Online

InvestMentor Securities Ltd (ISL) is a leading stock broker of Gujarat, India. ISL has a seat on India's largest stock exchange-National Stock Exchange of India ltd (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE), Multi-Commodity Exchange(MCX) and also has active membership as a Depository Participant (DP) with India's largest depository National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL). We are located in the center of financial district and are easily accessible from any part of Gujarat state. We are a team of dedicated, experienced stock market professionals committed to deliver world-class services at the most competitive rates.


We are connected to the central order matching system of the NSE through a very reliable satellite based VSAT connection. This offers our clients access and ability to get real time quotes and make trades. We are proud to say that we are able to provide investors and traders a trading system that if not better is as good as that available in advanced markets like US and Japan. With Depository Participant (DP) operations, we are able to provide one-stop integrated solution to our clients investment needs.


InvestMentor was promoted by a dynamic and ambitious group of entrepreneurs in 1995 during the period when Indian capital markets were going through an unprecedented bear market and brokerage industry was in middle of fierce competitive environment. ISL not only survived in this tough time but also firmly established itself and opened full service branches in leading cities of North Gujarat like Unjha, Kalol, Mehsana, Kadi, Palanpur within a short span of three years. ISL was among the first few to sense the opportunities that Depositories in India had to offer and became a DP with National Securities Depository Ltd in early 1999. InvestMentor is profitable on net level from very first year and has been paying dividends every year since then. We have recently deployed Computer-to-Computer Link (CTCL) to provide link to our main trading server from any remote place through a dial up or ISDN connection. With this facility already tested and verified, many independent investment firms are offering online trading access to their clients through us.

Future Plans

As a next step, we are actively exploring possibilities to make our trading infrastructure available worldwide through Internet. InvestMentor Online is an important step for us to reach Non-Resident Indians, a community that is a crown-jewel for modern India and also highly recognized and respected all over the world. Recent liberalization and opening up of Indian economy and capital markets to foreign investors have resulted into a strong growth rate for Indian economy. We at InvestMentor take this as a beginning of a long-term bull market and strongly believe that today's India offers a highly competitive investment alternative for NRIs. Presence of all leading US institutional investors and multinational companies in India is a clear evidence for the future to come.