Fixed Deposit

FD Calculator

FD Principal
Compounding Frequency
Period (Years)
Rate of Intrest (Annual %)
Amount Invested 100
Wealth Growth 100
Future Value 10000
Year Opening Balance Interest Earned Closing Balance

Fixed deposit calculator is a tool designed to get an estimate about the maturity amount that the investor will get for a specified deposit amount at the applicable rate of interest.

FD calculator is a tool that helps in calculating how much interest one would earn on a fixed deposit. It uses the deposit amount, FD interest rate and tenure of the fixed deposit to calculate the maturity amount. Maturity amount is the amount one gets at the end of the FD tenure. It consists of the total interest earned on the principal (deposit amount).

Why should you use FD calculator?

Just like any other financial decision, investing in an FD helps to generate wealth over long term and achieve financial goals.

Fixed deposit is all about minimizing risks and guaranteed returns. Your FD investment can help absorb losses, if any, to a certain limit. For this, you should know how much to put into your FD account.

Fixed deposit calculator also helps in comparing the various types of FD schemes offered by banks and other financial companies. One can comprehend which scheme provides the best returns at the desired tenure.

Benefits of FD Calculator

  • No human error
  • Zeroing-in of cumbersome calculations at multiple tenure, amount and rates thus saving time and effort
  • The tool is free of cost thus customers can use it multiple times and compare returns for different combinations of FD rates, tenure and amount