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The first step towards growing wealth is accumulating savings, PPF accounts are one of the most common features when we talk about long-term investing. PPF account refers to Public Provident fund account and is meant to invest your valuable capital.

If you are an employee or a responsible parent who wishes to save for the future, then PPF is ideal for you. Calculating the interest rates and returns on your PPF account turns a bit difficult. To make these difficult calculations easy, PPF account calculator can be used.

How can a PPF calculator help you?

This financial tool allows one to resolve their queries related to Public Provident Fund account. There are certain specifications that are to be abided by while calculating maturity amount after a certain point of time. It keeps a track on the growth of your capital. Those who already have a PPF savings account know that interest rates change on monthly basis.

Nowadays, it is easier to keep a check on changing interest rates. However, with the discovery of public provident fund calculator, account holders find it easier to find out monthly changes made in rate of interest

PPF can be computed using the deposited amount, interest, etc. This formula has been given below –

F = P [({(1+i) ^n}-1)/i]

i = Rate of interest
F = Maturity of PPF
n = Total number of years
P = Annual instalments