Recurring Deposit

RD Calculator

Monthly Deposit
Period (Months)
Rate of Intrest (Annual %)
Amount Invested 100
Wealth Growth 100
Future Value 10000

Recurring Deposit is a simple term deposit investment tool where you make fixed monthly investments towards it. It is a good option for investors who don’t want to make a lump sum investment in FD, but at the same time wants to grow a regular investment habit. Since it is one of the traditional investment tools, most banks and financial institutions offer Recurring Deposit to their customers.

The concept of RD is very straight forward, it involves complex calculation. Earlier, when the process was manual, calculating RD return was cumbersome and had a higher chance of error. But with a modern-day online RD calculator, anyone can easily calculate how much an RD investment will fetch within few seconds.

Our RD calculator is simple and user friendly, gives you accurate result instantly.