Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Limited IPO

Opening Date 24/08/2023
Closing Date 28/08/2023
Minimum Quantity 150
Price Range 94 – 99
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Incorporated in 1986, Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Limited is engaged in the business of designing and constructing infrastructure projects for the Central and State Governments, autonomous bodies, and private bodies across 9 States and 1 Union territory in India.

The company's principal business operations are broadly divided into four categories:

(i) Water Supply Projects ("WSP"); (ii) Railway Projects; (iii) Road Projects and (iv) Irrigation Network Projects.

VPRP has been accredited with various registrations as a contractor with various departments and agencies viz. Jodhpur Development Authority, Jodhpur (Class AA), Rajasthan, Public Health Engineering Department, Rajasthan, (Class AA), Water Resources Department, Rajasthan (Class AA), roads and Building Department, Gujarat (Class AA), South Western Command, Military Engineering Services (MES), Jaipur (Class 'S'), Rajasthan, Public Works Department, Chhattisgarh (Class A), Public Works Department, Rajasthan (Class AA), Public Works Department, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal (Civil works).

In 2021 VPRP was awarded a WSP by the Public Health Engineering Department ("PHED"), Manipur worth ₹4332.90 million as against a WSP awarded to it (as a partnership firm) by PHED, Rajasthan in 2002 of ₹19.80 million.

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