Rishabh Instruments Limited IPO

Opening Date 30/08/2023
Closing Date 01/09/2023
Minimum Quantity 34
Price Range 418 – 441
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Incorporated in 1982, Rishabh Instruments Limited is engaged in the business of manufacturing, design, and development of Test and Measuring Instruments and Industrial Control Products.

The company provides cost-effective solutions to measure, control, record, analyze, and optimize energy and processes through an array of products. It also provides complete aluminum high-pressure die-casting solutions for customers requiring close tolerance fabrication (such as automotive compressor manufacturers and automation high precision flow meters manufacturers), machining, and finishing of precision components.

In 2011, Rishabh Instruments acquired Lumel Alucast, a non-ferrous pressure casting company in Europe, which helped the company establish a strong foot in manufacturing and supply of low-voltage current transformers. The company also provides certain manufacturing services which include mould design and manufacturing, EMI/EMC testing services, Electronic Manufacturing Services, and software solutions (e.g., MARC).

Rishabh Instruments has 4 segments: (a) electrical automation devices; (b) metering, control, and protection devices; (c) portable test and measuring instruments; and (d) solar string inverters.

The company has 3 manufacturing units and more than 270 dealers across the globe, reaching 70+ countries and 150+ dealers across India covering every state.

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