What is LTP in the share market?

By: Rupam Patel | 17 October, 2023

The world of the stock market is teeming with terminology that can seem daunting to newcomers. One of these frequently encountered terms is "LTP," short for "Last Traded Price." In this blog post, we will demystify the concept of LTP in the share market, exploring its meaning, benefits, and the significant impact it has on traders and investors.

What is LTP in Share Market?

LTP, or Last Traded Price, is the most recent price at which a particular stock or security was traded on an exchange. It represents the last price at which a transaction occurred, where a buyer and a seller agreed on the stock's value. LTP is a real-time indicator of a stock's market sentiment and is continuously updated as transactions take place during the trading day.

Benefits of Understanding LTP:

1. Real-Time Market Insight: LTP provides real-time information about a stock's value, empowering investors and traders to make informed decisions. It offers a dynamic view of market activity, allowing you to stay updated on a stock's current status.

2. Price Discovery: LTP plays a pivotal role in price discovery. It reflects the balance between supply and demand for a particular stock, aiding in determining its fair market value. Traders often refer to LTP to assess whether a stock is overvalued or undervalued.

3. Setting Stop-Loss Orders: Many investors employ LTP to set stop-loss orders. A stop-loss order is placed at a specific price level, and if the LTP reaches that level, the order is executed. This risk management strategy helps traders limit potential losses when the market moves against their positions.

4. Technical Analysis: Technical analysts rely on LTP data to create various charts and indicators, such as candlestick charts, moving averages, and the Relative Strength Index (RSI). This data helps analyze a stock's historical performance and predict future price movements.

5. Liquidity Assessment: LTP also provides insights into a stock's liquidity. Stocks with higher LTP generally have more trading activity and liquidity, making them easier to buy and sell without significant price fluctuations.

The Impact of LTP:

1. Market Sentiment Indicator: LTP is a reflection of market sentiment. It signifies the current consensus on a stock's value, which can influence the decisions of other investors and traders. A sudden spike or drop in LTP may lead to a surge in buying or selling activity.

2. Intraday Trading Strategies: Intraday traders heavily rely on LTP to execute quick, short-term trades. They use LTP data to identify opportunities and make split-second decisions in a fast-paced trading environment.

3. Risk Management: LTP is an essential tool for risk management. It helps traders set stop-loss orders and take-profit levels, ensuring that they control their exposure to potential losses and lock in profits.

4. Price Volatility Assessment: LTP is directly linked to price volatility. Stocks with high LTP can exhibit more significant price swings during the trading day, making them attractive options for day traders seeking volatility.

5. Investor Confidence: A consistent LTP can boost investor confidence. Investors are more likely to invest in stocks with a stable LTP, as it signifies a steady market sentiment.


In the world of share markets, understanding LTP, or Last Traded Price, is a vital skill for traders and investors. It provides real-time insights into a stock's value, aids in price discovery, and assists in risk management. Furthermore, LTP acts as a barometer of market sentiment and plays a crucial role in various trading strategies. By grasping the meaning, benefits, and impact of LTP, you can navigate the share market with greater confidence and precision. It's a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your decision-making capabilities in the dynamic world of stock trading.

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