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How To Save Income-Tax In India?

By: Jay Patel | 12 January, 2021

Budget 2021 is knocking on our doors and with the season of tax planning approaching, many of us are thinking to get a piece of ...

Stock Market 2020: Viral Journey from Bear to Bull Market

By: Jay Patel | 4 January, 2021

COVID-19, the infectious virus created ruckus across the globe as authorities enforced strict lockdowns initially due to the unknown nature of the deadly Coronavirus. Government ...

Sovereign Gold Bonds: A Golden Investment Opportunity For Investors

By: Jay Patel | 13 October, 2020

There are many reasons for buying gold. Gold acts as a hedge against inflation. It is a relatively stable investment compared with equities and other ...

Global Markets: How can you benefit through International Investing?

By: Jay Patel | 19 August, 2020

Have you ever wondered about our dependency and usage of foreign companies and their products/services into our daily life and business? From shopping on Amazon ...

Should you Invest in Debt Mutual Funds Instead of FD’s?

By: Jay Patel | 23 June, 2020

Bank Fixed deposits had been a traditional source of investment for all of us. Investors prefer to protect their principal in return for lower interest ...

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